Radiant Renewal Treatment

Radiant Renewal: Laser Genesis + Skinpen Microneedling + Red Light Therapy = Perfection!

Discover the secret to glowing skin with our Radiant Renewal Treatment at Viva Aesthetics. This unique treatment combines the power of Laser Genesis, SkinPen microneedling, and Celluma Pro light therapy to deliver stunning results.


Who Is It For?

Individuals seeking a brighter, more even complexion

Those looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars

Anyone wanting to rejuvenate their skin with minimal downtime

radiant renewal treatment with microneeding, skinpen, red light therapy

“Laser Genesis is a game-changer for your skin. By boosting collagen, it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles, improves overall tone and texture, and reduces redness. It’s fantastic for treating rosacea and sunspots, and it even helps to minimize pores. The result? A clearer, more even complexion that you’ll love.”

– Amanda McLaughline, AME and Viva Founder


What to Expect During your session

We’ll start with Laser Genesis to gently heat the dermis, stimulating collagen production. Next, we’ll use the SkinPen to create micro-channels in the skin, promoting natural healing and rejuvenation. Finally, we’ll finish with a relaxing session under the Celluma Pro light, which further enhances collagen production and reduces inflammation.

The Results

Clients love the immediate glow and long-term improvements in their skin. With regular treatments, you’ll see a significant reduction in fine lines, smoother texture, and an overall brighter complexion.


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